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i-STAR Online Downloading & Update
Version 2.07.03 Release: Fix the bug in the Internet Edition. Modify the calibration setup for ASIO-based spatial speech in noise test. Version 2.07.02 Release: Reactivate Internet Edition. Version 2.07.01 Release: Support ASIO-based Multichannel audio playing (e.g. MOTU device) for spatial hearing test. Version 2.06.02 Release: Redirect the speech and background noise into separate channel (left or right channel). Version 2.06.01 Release: Reorganize the interface and streamline the program. Version 2.05.02 Release: Fix the program with ranking problem. Version 2.05.01 Release: Modidy the speech in noise calibration file and add keyword in sentence protocols. Version 2.04.02 Release: Fix one problem in session creation when the number of session is over 100. Version 2.04.01 Release: Fix some bugs in the program. Version 2.03.01 Release: Allow the database transfer between local PC database and central server database. Fix the bug when an existing session is deleted for the internet-based version. Allow the user to log out the internet account. Version 2.02.02 Release: Automatically update the database for new version. Automatically detect the multiple web server for central version. Version 2.02.01 Release: Modify the database structure slightly to enable the addition of notes for each test results. Note: The database for local version should also be modified. Version 2.01.03 Release: Redesign the "Printing" Function for the program. Add the missing DLL in the installation. Version 2.01.02 Release: Slightly modify the "User" management functions and add "menu" in the session dialog. Use embedded HTML viewer for help files instead of using IE brower. Add version detection in the program. Version 2.01.01 Release: Initial release of i-STAR program. 3 different speech tests: ieee, spin, cnc Speech recognition test in quiet and speech recognition threshold Centralized database for all speech data. Easily share the data among the users.
Note: Full version is required before installing any update. However, If latest  update has the same version as FULL version, then no update is needed. Update History: Online Downloading & Latest Update Key Metrics:  Latest Version: 2.07.03   Required Space: 192M  Update on 4/03/2015 FULL Version Download the FULL version Download the FULL version Latest Update Download the latest version. Download the latest version. Key Metrics:  Latest Version: 2.07.03  Required Space: 2.0 M  Update on 4/3/2015
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